1216 Sand Cove Road, Saint John, NB

Sunday August 14th

12 noon – 6 pm


We have commissioned to sell this lovely collection of original oil paintings, watercolors – over 50 pieces including many seascapes, including Hopewell Rocks, Partridge Island, Mispec, St. Martins, Lily Lake, etc. and several more valuable paintings will be by silent bids including a Jack Humprey, R.H. Nicholson, etc. Prices will range from $35-$100 includes Angus McMillan, Mary Coleman, Janice Doyle, Jack Bishop, Emma Mae Weissender, Jeanne Arsenault, B. Megarity, and many others. All are signed originals and name of the owner will be given when making a purchase. As well as the art you will find both modern and antique furniture, older hockey and baseball cards.

Admission Free