Maritime Opport. Centre
1216 Sandcove Rd – West Saint John

Saturday, June 29th and Sunday, June 30th

Sale: 1 2m  View: 12 – 1 pm

The auction will he held inside and the parking lot sale will be held outside. We are back up with 4 estates and this is your weekend for great bargains.

Auctions held on both Saturday and Sunday Starting at 1 pm with view: 12noon-1pm each day.

Parking lot sales will be held Sat and Mon from 10am-4pm depending on the weather.

Each offers lots of furniture and smallwares as well as tables of small wares. Auctions include fine art and modern furniture, high-quality glass and china, coin collections including old can coins and paper money, collectables including 2 train sets, jewellery, and so much more. For more info phone 643-1598